Journalism 2019 Wrap-up

     Being part of the journalism team has been a challenge, but not one without its rewards. Our best reward this year was providing the school with the latest news from the most credible sources. We had to improve a lot over the year to bring our readers the best material possible. Our website, in particular, did much better than we expected with over 600 visitors! To thank our readers for their support we have created a recap of this year with our best articles, videos, and more!


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JFK Journalism

Top Articles 2019

With more than one category of news, it’s hard to choose just one good article. So, here are the top articles from each category:

    China Trade War                         Meteor Streaks Across Sky                        Cancel Culture Cancer

Sricharan Guddanti
Paige Francis
Edward Crespo
Andrew Sanchez
Keziah Arellano
Jack Conner

Top Video 2019

Our video team has worked hard all year to consistently bring viewers entertaining and topical videos.  JFK Varsity Football Highlights was their best video this year. You can find more like this in our videos section.

Environment Page

In our first issue of the year, The Titan Tribune joined multiple news outlets in the making of an environmental issue. Here on the website, a new environment page was created in hopes of educating Kennedy students on the condition of the planet. 

A Trillion Trees
Tara Kavasseri
The Return of the Tasmanian Tiger
Desmond Yu
Water Crisis
Taneesh Kondapally
Solution Found for Methane Emissions
DIY Climate Friendly Home Ideas
Deadly Rising Sea Levels
Andrew Sanchez
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New Memories 2019

These pictures (that can be found in the gallery) are your memories, captured by journalism’s photographers.