Movies Coming to Netflix in 2019

by Monique Valencia
  1. Siempre Bruja: Always a Witch

A witch time travels. To avoid avoided being burned alive, she must try and adjust to life in a new city. But will she be able to not use her powers and save herself from being burned again?

2. Velvet Buzzsaw

When paintings from an unknown artist appear, an art gallery starts to sell them. What the gallery owner doesn’t know is that the paintings are cursed and people who buy them will do horrible acts.

3. The Boy Who Harnessed the wind

Based on a true story. A boy with a curiousness finds a way to help save his village from a famine. He is a true hero.

4. The Dirt

An autobiography based on Motley Crue want and their desire to become Hollywood superstars. They bring you on a journey of how they end up becoming a well known a rock ‘n roll group legend.

4. Eli

A young boy has an unknown disease that makes him stay at home all the time. After testing every option for him to get better, his parents find a doctor hoping to cure him. He begins having haunted visions that make him question if the doctor is good or not.

5. Klaus

A family fun Christmas movie tells a story of how Santa Claus was made.  A postal worker is set do deliver in Scandinavia and becomes friends with a toy maker, which leads to the influence of Santa Claus.