Messi Wins his 6th Ballon D'or

By: Desmond Yu

FC Barcelona 

An absolute nightmare for all defenders and goalkeepers, Lionel Messi won his 6th Ballon D’or in Paris, France. The Ballon D’or was first awarded in 1956 to football (soccer) legend, Stanley Matthews and over time many legends won this prestigious award. The only two rival players that have gotten the most Ballon D’ors is Messi with 6 and Ronaldo with 5. Competing at such a high level, Messi stayed consistent for many seasons, scoring 36 goals and assisting 13 times, topping La liga charts last season (2018/2019)! Messi either scores or assists every 55.3 minutes and out of the 90 goals FC Barcelona scored in la liga, Lionel Messi scored or assisted 54.4%. He got the most chances created, most shots taken,big chances created, shots on target, goals from outside the box, fouls won in the final third, braces and hat-tricks, and goals from free-kicks in La Liga. The Barcelona star also became the top scorer in the Champions League with 12 goals in 10 appearances. The Barcelona star is known as a magician on the pitch, dribbling past any opposition players and scoring beautiful goals. 

Virgil Van Dijk was votes away from getting first place, with Messi at 686 votes and Virgil at 679, 7 less from Messi! Winning the Champions League with Liverpool, the 6’4 Dutchman fears no forward, didn't let any opposition player gets past him for 65 games. The dutchman almost won the Premier League with Liverpool (97 points) but missed the opportunity by 1 point against Manchester City (98 points). The Liverpool star contributed to Liverpool's success, as shown by the stats and defending. Winning the UEFA Best Player of the Year 2018/2019 award was no easy feat for the dutchman however. Battered with hate messages from opposition fans every game, Virgil stays consistent and doesn’t listen to them. These two legends are well respected in the world of football (soccer). Let’s stop comparing them, and just enjoy them play as long as they play.