Trends From the 90's

By Amy Nguyen


Back in the 90’s, fashion trends ranged from chokers, mini skirts, platforms, mood rings, to neon. Many trends were a miss, but there are some trends that were a hit and made a comeback in 2017.  

One trend that was very popular in the 90’s were chokers. Chokers were a must-have accessory back in the 90’s,and now it’s making a strong comeback, but better than ever. The simple skinny strips of leather or fabric can definitely enhance your look. They have been appearing in many stores, including Forever 21 and H&M, for a very inexpensive price.  

Another trend that has recently been resurfacing are scrunchies. Regular elastic hair ties can be damaging on your hair, but scrunchies are gentle without leaving the annoying indent. Not only is it hair friendly, but it holds hair in place while adding volume. They also make a cute accessory around your wrist.

Another trend reappearing is mom jeans. They are back and bigger than ever; this trend has probably been one of the biggest denim trends. Mom jeans started disappearing in the late 90’s, but now you can find these jeans in most shops like Forever 21, Hollister, American Eagle, or H&M. A simple outfit with mom jeans would be a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt tucked in- it’s cute, comfy, and simple.  

The next trend that is making a fierce comeback are hoop earrings. They are so easy to wear and go well with any outfit. Hoop earrings are very affordable and can be found at most retailers. They range from many sizes and, depending on the outfit can definitely be a staple piece.  

The next trend that made its way back in 2017 are platform sandals. A few years back they may have looked like chunky heels, but now they’re actually worn on the runway. These platforms are very comfortable and blister free compared to heels.  

Last, but not least, round glasses are making a comeback. They are simple, sleek, round glasses that are very stylish. We’ve all seen round framed sunglasses styled for coachella or on the runway. Not only are they used as sunglasses, but lately many people are getting these round framed glasses as a prescribed everyday wear. They give off a vintage and classic look.

As you can see, many trends from the 90’s were a hit and had to be brought back. Trends like chokers, scrunchies, mom jeans, hoops, platform sandals, and round framed glasses showed us that fashion doesn’t go away; even trends from many years ago can make a comeback.