Meeting New People

by Zach O'Brien

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, meeting new people has its benefits. Meeting new people not only gives you a whole new world of opportunities and experiences to discover, but it also exposes you to new ideas that you have never thought of before. From gaining different ideas and learning from new experiences, meeting new people can help with your challenges in your life.


The “The importance of meeting new people” article online gives us information how meeting new people benefits you because when you meet new people you get exposed to ideas and opportunities that changes your thinking process and helps you be more social. The amount of new thoughts and experiences doubles, triples, or maybe even quadruples. The opportunities and thoughts and experiences are endless from meeting new people. From the benefits of thinking differently you will think in other people’s shoes rather than your own. You are constantly learning and meeting people will add to new learning. Learning humankind thoughts and ideals will result into you learning the world around you, especially the different cultures and the different walks of life. You will be able to think differently from all the new thoughts by meeting new people, thoughts that you have not even thought of before will create a more social and well developed you.


Meeting new people benefits you not only in the obvious ways that I have stated, but meeting new people is practice for dealing with new people. Chances are, if you’re going to do business or even get jobs or raises, you have to deal with people effectively. The more people you meet, the more effectively you will be able to deal with people in the future. So by being able to deal with people more effectively, you have to meet new people and enter new experiences as well as thinking differently.  


New thoughts will expand your mind, increase your knowledge, and Help you understand more about the world around you. From their thoughts and actions this will help you get exposure and new connections to develop your ideas, skills and be innovative through connections. From your new exposure you not only develop your social skill, but develops your self confidence, getting out of your bubble and meeting new people will definitely increase your self confidence. This benefit and development from meeting new people will stay with you throughout your life, through college, marriage, and any other important event in your life. (


Meeting new people not only helps with the obvious of expanding your mind and learning about new ideas, but also has other benefits of helping you develop your skills and connections in life.  Giving more benefit than not even meeting a single person outside of school or work. So, go meet new people and live a life with all of its benefits.