Season of Giving?

by Katwlyn Twist

What is the best part about the Christmas Season? Some may say the family, the food, or even the music. However, many people say that their favorite part of Christmas is the joy of giving. Is it really, though? Although this holiday is often portrayed as “the season of giving,” it could just as well be called “the season of getting.” It may be difficult to admit, but Christmas brings out the greed in most who participate.


To many people, children and adults alike, Santa Claus is the face of Christmas. He and his flying reindeer visit every home during the night of Christmas Eve. However, his magical tricks can only go so far to impress the kids. In the media, this character brings Christmas cheer... in the form of presents. Children are trained in school and at home to write a list of every material thing that they desire so that Santa Claus will bring it for them on this special holiday. Suddenly, this day of coming together and spreading joy is completely diluted to finding the right presents for the right people. The true meaning of Christmas is hidden by the piles of gifts that are promised and expected by family and friends. Because of this, Christmas becomes a season of stress and judgement for many people. Fortunately, there is an extremely simple solution to this dilemma: Don’t get greedy.


But is this exchange really all about greed? Perhaps it is a chain reaction set off by the people’s longing for giving back. Christmas is everybody’s chance to fill themselves and others with joy by giving gifts. As a result, everyone around them is bound to receive, and pass along, the spirit. Maybe the expectation of getting presents and the social pressure to give them are what this society needs to keep the tradition of giving alive. It is possible that the tremendous need to give the joy does not feed the greed. Rather, it makes up for such avarice.


Thankfully, Christmas brings about many opportunities for charity in Fremont. Donating can help balance this season’s greed because it is for a good cause that actually needs the gift. For example, one can view a magical display of decorations, listen to carolling, and enjoy a candy cane in the neighborhood surrounding Wellington Place. The event offers an opportunity to donate to any of the following charities: Leukemia-Lymphoma Society, SAVE (Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments), HERS Breast Cancer Foundation, Adopt an Angel, and Ohlone Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. This event allows visitors to let go of Christmas corrupted by greed and observe a physical manifestation of the true Christmas Spirit.