The Power of Titan Football

By Taneesh Kondapally


The 2019 football season is here and the Kennedy Titans are ready to play some football! “When you commit to the football program, you are committing to a 10 month schedule of off-season weight training, speed, and agilities at 6:30 am, Spring Football practice starts in May, followed by Summer football practice (minus one week for vacation). Then the actual season begins with mandatory practices and finally, the game schedule,” Coach Roman, coach of the Kennedy Titans, said when asked about how the team is preparing for this season. “Our core group of players have been committed all the while, and are setting the example on and off the field with their individual effort.”

The Titans this year are confident about their chances in the district. “Our Titan football team is poised to compete throughout the season,” Roman said. “Our preseason schedule has been stacked with top teams in our area and has provided the pressure necessary to test our teams resolve. Our Titan football program is full of young talented football players, and in time they will be unstoppable. Our season will unfold as it always does, if we demonstrate that we are the hardest working team, who stays committed to our team expectations, then we will play our best football. That is all any coach can ask of their team!”

The Titans won’t have an easy schedule, though. “Our Mission Valley Athletic League (MVAL) is the strongest that it has been for some time,” Roman said when asked about the rest of the teams that Kennedy has to face. “With the James Logan Colts returning to the league, and Moreau Catholic looking to make a run at an NCS Championship, our league is filled with tough opponents. Our rival Washington High School has a big and physical team, and is in a position to make a run at the MVAL Championship.”

The Titans are approaching this season with one main focus: winning the details. “We feel that we can teach techniques and offensive and defensive scheme, but without the understanding of the details behind those skills the scheme is useless,” Roman said. “An attention to detail takes longer to instill, players and coaches must understand that it is a long and arduous process. Along the way we have run into resistance, however, we have stayed the course and continue to show growth and mastery. This process will continue to our culminating effort in our run through our league games.”

The Titans’ strategy will be to focus on their commitment, focus, and mental preparation. Roman says, “We are only as good as how hard we work and prepare for each of the ten football games on our schedule. Our success will be grounded in the many victories behind closed doors. The fans in attendance only get to see the outcome of the game. Most fans do not understand that the outcome is dictated over the course of our teams preparation.”

The Titans’ season opened on Saturday, September 21, against Alameda High School. The next game is on Friday, September 27, at Irvington.