Florida Police Officer Arrests Children 

by Desmond Yu

An officer's job is to protect us from danger and crime, but in Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy in Orlando, Florida, an officer named Dennis Turner took it too far, and arrested two 6 year old kids. On September 19, one of the 6 year olds, Kaia Rolle, got arrested for having a temper tantrum and kicking staff members in the school.  Kaia’s grandmother, Meralyn Kirkland, told CNN, in defense of her granddaughter that Kaia Rolle “Sometimes experiences side effects from sleep apnea and the family is working on getting the condition resolved.” Kirkland also states that her granddaughter was “arrested, fingerprinted and had mugshots taken,” the police denied the allegations. Though Kaia Rolle was arrested, State Attorney Aramis Ayala stated on CNN, “Monday that her office would not prosecute the misdemeanor battery charges against either child.”

 A 6 year old child getting arrested, fingerprinted, and having mugshots taken is unreal. Police are here to protect and serve civilians, “Not rely on the criminal justice system to do it,” as Aramis Ayala stated on CNN. Even the Orlando Police Department said on CNN that “the situation was not handled properly.” They also said,  “the arrest of any person under the age of 12 requires the approval of a watch commander, and this approval was not obtained in Kaia Rolle's case.” The same resource officer is also being questioned after arresting another 6 year old in another incident. Dennis Turner, the officer who arrested the two 2 year olds, also “had a personal incident with his own child,” as CNN states. Dennis Turner was  the second 6 year old arrested, he was processed at the Juvenile Assessment Center ,but was shortly released to a family member after not being aware of an approval of not being given. 

The school “Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy” has no comment on this incident. Children are supposed to feel protected,nurtured, and disciplined as said from State Attorney, Aramis Ayala. The officer,Dennis Turner, was fired on Monday as Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon had announced. "On behalf of myself and the Orlando Police Department, I apologize to the children involved and their families," Rolon states on CNN.