Keeping Your Skin Happy

by Jureen Huang

Winter is coming! Hello dry, cracked skin!

If you’re like me, winter makes you anxious for your skin. When winter hits, my skin starts to show ugly dryness that is not only displeasing to look at but also irritating to deal with. If you’re anxious, don’t be, because here are some tips to get through winter without fretting about these dry skin issues..

1. Hydrating Facial Spray

A facial spray is handy to carry around and spritz whenever you’re face is feeling a little dry. Constantly spraying the face allows the skin to stay hydrated throughout the day, not to mention the refreshing feeling of a scented, hydrating spray that can act as a pick-me-up.



Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe,

Herb and Rosewater $7.00 available at Ulta

Mario Badescu’s facial spray is a great option; it hydrates the skin, has an amazing rose scent, and is affordable.


2. Protect your lips

Cracked, dry lips may be the worst feeling ever and cause unnecessary cracks in lipstick. Therefore, I recommend using a heavy lip treatment at night and a light one for the day.


Vaseline Rosy Lip Therapy $1.87 Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue

Available at Target Medicated Lip Balm, Available at Ulta

The Vaseline Lip Therapy lip balm is an amazing The Maybelline Dr, Rescue lip balm is a

treatment for dry lips; put it on before you sleep great light daytime lip treatment to use if

and wake up with soft, hydrated lips. your lips become dry during the day.


3. Hand cream

Our hands are often the coldest part of our body in winter, because we’ve layered up in coats, scarves, and boots, but our hands are often out in the open. Therefore, to protect them from being rough and dry in the winter, hand cream is a must.


L’occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 2.6oz $24

Available in Sephora

I highly recommend the L’occitane hand creams because after experimenting with countless hand creams from different brands, I always come back to L’occitane’s because it is incredibly absorbent and hydrating. There is no oily feeling after applying, and the scent of the cherry blossom is great for relaxing before bedtime. Unlike some hand creams whose effects disappear after a couple of days without use, the effects of L’occitane’s hand creams last.


4. And finally, water!

Of course all these external supplements for the skin help, the main reason our skin is dry in the first place is the lack of water. Because winter is so dry, our skin does not get the moisture it regularly absorbs in the humid summer; what is the best way to solve this problem? Give it the water it needs!



Countless studies have proven that drinking lots of water has major benefits for health and gives the skin a healthy glow. By drinking water, we strengthen our immune system and therefore have a better chance of keeping away the nasty cold. There we have it; try to keep a bottle of water near your bed, so you can take a couple sips before and after waking up, and try to drink as much as possible during the day. The benefits you get are endless!